About Rosewood Health & Wellbeing

Warm, Welcoming & Qualified

Rosewood Health And Wellbeing was founded in 1994 by Marcella who saw an opportunity to bring Reflexology and Complementary Therapies to her hometown in Omagh. At this stage Marcella was already a gifted healer, so she was following on her journey as a healer. When she was half way through her first course in Reflexology her husband Brian renovated the garage to a waiting room, treatment room, small kitchen and bathroom. During Marcella’s training she built up her clients by doing over 800 pairs of feet free of charge!

After 6 months into practice, Marcella saw that a lot of her clients had foot problems. At that time Brian and Marcella had a grocery shop which was long hours of work so there wasn’t much time for courses. However, Brian decided to train as a chiropodist in Liverpool which caused a lot of upheaval in the family as there were also 3 small children to attend to.

After 3 years, Brian had finished his course at Liverpool and started his new journey in life as a qualified Chiropodist/Podiatrist. The business grew from strength to strength and in 2001 Marcella got pregnant with their 4th child which was a bit of a shock. They then decided to move to a bigger house (which didn’t happen). They tried to buy 90 Tamlaght Road (where they are now) however, that didn’t work out and a charity called inspire bought it and WAIT FOR IT… Not only did they call it Rosewood but they also used our colours which at that time – red and yellow.

Marcella and Brian were so devastated. However life went on and they both continued their practice from home. Whenever the last child was 14 they decided to move on and look for a premises.

Their first intention was to build a new house and open a spa. They saw the perfect spot on Belfast Road and they got super excited again. Brian (who also farms in Ballygawley) who was coming home from the farm one day saw a sign (For Sale) at the Rosewood Premises and was stunned. He came home and told Marcella who was super excited. They had Rosewood bought in 3 weeks. The one thing that Marcella will always remember is the glass at the front door of Rosewood (It had Rosewood imprinted into it). They both had to wait but it was definitely worth it. Marcella and Brian were on a journey all their life to help others and now they have found their destination.

You will always feel welcome at Rosewood. It is family run and we offer a wide range of Therapies from Reflexology to Massage, Chiropody/Podiatry, Beauty Treatments, Counselling Services, Health Talks, Yoga, Pilates, Music Therapy, Baby Massage and Events. We also hire The Event Space with Integrated Kitchen and Adjoining Courtyard and we also rent rooms to other Medical or complementary or beauty practitioners.

In 2020 we decided we would give something back to our community and GO MENTAL NI was born this is a non profit organisation which through various funding opportunities provides workshops classes self help programmes and one to one therapies which are provided free of charge.

Why Rosewood Health & Wellbeing?

Marcella And Brian are a great team who compliment each other and have been together for 42 years and have worked together for 35 years. We also have a wonderful team of therapists who work alongside us. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to arrange an appointment.